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A Baptist pastor who ran a church in Grande Rivière du Nord has extended him an invitation to present the new doctrine to his Church. Following the presentation, other families such as the Dorsainvil, Blot, and Guerrier from Grande Rivière du Nord following by the Theodore, Jean Baptiste, Heriveaux, Grunder, Riché, and Mercier of Cap-Haitian joined the Group. 


The credit went to Michel Nord Isaac, a young preacher of 27 years of age, for making known the new doctrine throughout the north, upper Artibonite and even in the northwest bringing many families to accept the Sabbath. In 1911, the movement took such a large extension that the local preachers were forced to seek help of other Adventist pastors from abroad. It was in that idea both foreign pastors: Saveur and Tanner landed successfully in Haiti in 1912 to strengthen the movement. The message reached Port-au-Prince and was welcomed by the families of Beaupin, Pinson, Desvarieux, and Lecorps.


In 1916, Pastor Andre Roth from France was assigned as the head of the entire Adventist field in Haiti. The following year, the first general assembly was held in the city of Pignon in the north and by 1919, the second one in Grande Rivière du Nord. In that convention, the people walked many miles on foot to get there and in 1920, the Adventist message reached the city of Jacmel in the southwest of Haiti, thanks to the dedication of Pastors Arioste Péan and Mery Abel. The Haitian mission has felt the need to train young people with the objective to enter new fields and to present the message with power and efficiency. They acquired a piece of land in Vaudreuil in January 1921 and established an educational institution which became: "Adventist Seminary of Diquini" currently "Adventist University of Haiti." (UNAH)


It is in this seminar all the pioneers of the Adventist movement of Haiti were trained. The work continued with such an extension that in 1922 the south and the Grande Anse received the message through brothers F. D. Apollo, Tousnel Alexis, and Noroy Theodore.


In 1931, the office of the Haitian mission was transferred to Port-au-Prince and in a short period of time, it took a great extension. Overall, the situation of the organization in Haiti is the work of French Pastor Andre Roth who in 1936 took over the direction of the Haitian mission and founded, the “College Adventiste Vertières, headed by his wife Mrs. Andre Roth, career teacher.


Thus, the movement, which began imperceptibly through the distribution of printed literatures with a small group led by divine providence, becomes a powerful organization and extends over the entire territory of the Republic of Haiti through these agencies: Union Mission of the Seventh Day Adventists of Haiti (UMASH), The Central Federation of the Seventh Day Adventists of Haiti (FEDCHAS) with its headquarters in Port-au-Prince, the Southern Mission of the Seventh-day Adventists of Haiti (MASH) in Cayes, the Northwestern Mission of the Seventh-day Adventists of Haiti (MANOH) in Gonaives, and the Northern Mission of the Seventh-day Adventists of Haiti (MANH) in Cap-Haitian.


Five other institutions cover the needs of the Haitian population: the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), the Adventist Hospital, the Radio Voix de l’espérance (4VVE), the Adventist University of Haiti (UNAH) and the Adventist Foundation for Education (FAE).


 The last hour workers of the Evangelical Movement are utilizing Pastor Loughborough’s same strategy: Distribution of printed literatures. By this method, they will allow the world to know the warning message of the 3 angels of Revelation 14: 6-12 and those who are hungry and thirsty will hear the truth and will surrender to the Lord just before the closing of grace.



Pastor Martin Thélusma


"The captain acted as requested by Pastor Loughborough. The crew members who have received the parcel with no recipient listed on gave it to a certain Smith, a member of the Wesleyan Church who lived in Cap-Haitian and used to keep the Sabbath.


Smith began the distribution of the literatures to those who were closed by. Ephraim Gracia, son of a master mason who has received a brochure from Smith, spoke to Michel Nord Isaac, his school principal about the existence of a new doctrine: "The Sabbath." After he had read it, Michel Nord Isaac was convinced of the Sabbath truth. As a zealous preacher of the Wesleyan Church of Cap-Haitian, he started preaching the Sabbath doctrine.

The Adventist movement in Haiti Yesterday, today and tomorrow

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