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Who We Are?


We are an enthusiastic group of pastors and laymen people, to accomplish the great Evangelical mandate. The parable of Mat 20: 1-16, four groups have already worked in the vineyard of the master. The first group hired at sunrise of the day, those of the third hour, sixth hour and ninth hour. 


At this late hour in the history of humanity, while we are in the heart of the apocalyptic events, the fifth group, the last hour workers, wants respond positively to the call of the master, to spread the last warning message around the world.


According the statistics, we are approximately 7.1 billion people on Earth. 4.7 billion are found in non-Christian religions, far from the path that leads to eternal life. 

2.3 billion share the Christian faith. Unfortunately, approximately 18 million only accept the message of the three angels of Revelation 14: 6-12. Which gives a percentage of 1, 3% in Christianity, for a total of 0, 25% worldwide. The Lord Jesus said in Luke 10: 2 "the harvest truly is great, but there are few workers. Pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest."


The spirit of God is currently browsing the Earth to recruit workers who after finishing work will receive the incorruptible Crown of immortality promised by Jesus the living reigning.

A solemn appeal is launched to participate with us in this monumental work.

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